Burberry makeup ✨


If you follow me regularly on Instagram and on my blog, you know probably that my rabbit is called Burberry. Coincidence? I don’t believe.

In fact my mother adores the English brand, Burberry, for a long time, she collects the magnificent slings and she always knows about new collections. It is really the brand of my mother. But she never heard about the make-up Burberry. During our trip in New York, we stopped at Saks, just for the pleasure of eyes. The thing it is because among all the stands, we discovered the famous make-up Burberry! And my mother was not able to hold on tearing!

So this makeup is like a treasure for her, and personally I’m in love with the packaging. I mean this is beautiful ! I tried the gloss, and it works very well. And truly the price is not so high, it’s like Chanel, Dior, YSL.. So I love this makeup, even if it is the propriety of my mother. And I think that this can be a perfect gift for your mother too ! By the way, I am going to buy a lot of New makeup in my country, so stay connect ❤️